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Amazing Job

I want to thank you Michelle for the amazing job you did on my parents file, you proved to them how amazing and quick plf is especially the fact I work for PLF and especially the fact my mom had a bad experience with file at the previous lawyer and most of us know who I am taking about lol.  Not only that they were amazed at the way you did your job and  your toughness but they loved your personality. This is why I love referring files to you and your team.

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True Professionals

Hi.Natasha and myself would like to say thank you so much.we are lost for words to effectively describe how efficient and professional your TEAM OF ASSOCIATES all r the cream of the crop.most importantly tho is your courtesy n understanding of your clients.this starts right at your front reception.I did not catch this wonderful ladies name but she is not to b overlooked.again from both of us THANK YOU.YOU ALL ARE TRUE PROFESSIONALS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

- R.B.

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Experience, Intelligence and Expertise

Aleksa Pace,

Thank you so much, Aleksa, for all of your hard work on my case. I would not have been able to obtain such favorable results without your experience, intelligence and expertise. The way you handled my case was remarkable.

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Results Exceeded Expectations

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Pace Law Firm, particularly Michelle Arzaga, and all those involved in preparing my case.

I had a fall and injured my right shoulder about 2 years ago.

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The Right Personal Injury Law Firm

In June 2011, I was involved in a car accident. I wanted to find the "right" injury law firm. Pace Law Firm turned out to be just that. My lawyer, Michelle Arzaga, and her team kept things organized, professional and efficient.

Michelle Arzaga and Chau Tran made the entire situation much more bearable. Not to mention that this woman is a TIGER! Fighting every step of the way for my rights.

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Honesty and Reliability

Through this letter I want to extend my most sincere gratitude for the legal services I received from your honourable company.

After suffering a car crash on May 15, 2009 in Toronto, Mr. Alex Voudouris helped me through the legal process from that year until 2013.

The crash had serious consequences on my health, resulting in damage to my spine with permanent chronic pain. In the end, on behalf of me and my family, Mr. Voudouris found a favourable end to our case.

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Informative Information Session

I would like to thank Pace Law Firm and its associates for organizing and presenting an informative session regarding MVAs and their associated insurance documentation last Thursday.  
I agreed to go to the session with colleagues of mine with the understanding that the presentation would be focusing on OCF-18s and MIGs, which encompass a good percentage of the patients I see as a physiotherapist.  Although the session definitely spoke on these matters, it was so much more informative than what I had anticipated.  
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Keep Up The Good Work

I wanted to thank you earlier for the informational seminar that Pace Law Firm put on for us.

The information was very relevant and gave me more ideas and insight into ongoing concerns with our clients and their insurance companies. The task of providing good service for our clients and helping them get back to better health is always a passion for us practitioners. But having to fight for monies and treatment that our clients need is always that challenge.

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Immense Gratitude

Letter of appreciation to Lily Sider of Team Conforzi

Dear Lily,

Thank you very much for your kind words, Lily. Never having had any
experience with legal matters, I truly appreciated the efforts of the
entire team to help me wade these uncharted waters. I have immense
gratitude for everyone's hard work on my behalf.

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Excellent and Dedicated Staff

Dear Mr. Pace,

We had the unfortunate circumstances of being involved in a major car accident in 2009. It could have been a lot worse, but thank God that it wasn’t.

We were told of your firm (Pace Law Firm) by a family member and decided to have Pace Law Firm represent us.

We wanted to let you know how grateful we are to your staff and how well they represented your firm throughout our case.

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