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Pace Law Firm Obtains $3.4 Million Settlement

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Pace Law Firm Obtains $3.4 Million Settlement

Personal injury lawyers Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra obtained a $3.4 million dollar settlement for a client who was struck by a car as a pedestrian while crossing the road after nightfall. The accident caused catastrophic injuries including a traumatic brain injury, facial fractures, loss of one eye, multiple rib fractures, bilateral leg fractures, multiple internal injuries, dominant arm nerve injury and a stable spinal fracture. We settled her case for over $ 3.4 million dollars including her accident benefits claim, tort claim and Family Law Act claims in less than 2 years from the date of her accident.

The client is a single working mother of two. As a result of her injuries, she was faced with the prospect of never being able to work as an Early Childhood Educator again. Before the accident, she was living with her 2 children in rented space with extended family. She was able to use a portion of the settlement monies to purchase a home in a wonderful family neighborhood which had been her lifelong dream.

A portion of the settlement monies were structured, which will provide her with a monthly income that is sufficient to cover all of her living expenses and ongoing medical and rehabilitation needs for the rest of her life.

The settlement was reached without any reduction in the client's award for possible contributory negligence. The Pace Team developed a closely bonded relationship with the client that began while she was still in hospital and will not end with the settlement of her claims.

We put a treatment team in place that worked diligently with her and allowed her to make a remarkable recovery given the extent of her injuries. Pace Law Firm is devoted to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client, both emotionally and financially.

In this case, Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra worked very closely with their client to ensure both financial and personal success. All individuals involved in the case were extremely satisfied with the settlement outcome.