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Pace Law Firm Obtains $1.6 Million Settlement For Young Man Who Has Life Altering Accident

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Pace Law Firm Obtains $1.6 Million Settlement For Young Man Who Has Life Altering Accident

Pace Law Firm lawyers Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra obtained a $1.6 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered non-catastrophic injuries as a passenger in a car accident. Most noteworthy in this case is not only the amount of the Tort award, but the premise of the claim, which centered around the altered life and career path the client endured as a result of the accident.

A Life Interupted By A Car Accident

At the time of the accident, the client was a typical second year university student with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Although he knew what he wanted, he was not completely and solely focused on his academics. The Pace Law team had the tough job of proving that his dream of becoming a lawyer was real, obtainable, and in fact, altered by his accident.

By demonstrating prior academic achievements, interviewing past and present teachers, and having the client partake in an aptitude test, Pace Law firm was able to prove that their client not only wanted to be a lawyer, but that he was intelligent enough to become one. With the evidence that they worked so hard and diligently to provide, Pace Law won the case and secured the financial compensation that would allow the victim to fulfill his goals and dreams.

A Dedication to the Client

For Pace Law Firm it is never exclusively about the money. It is about dedication to the client, and helping them return to a fulfilling and meaningful life. In this case, Pace helped the individual secure tutors in order to take his LSATS; they even helped tutor him personally. In addition to this, they made sure that the rehabilitation process was as complete as possible

Pace is devoted to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client, both emotionally and financially. In this case, Pace Law worked very closely with their client to ensure both financial and personal success. This is not unusual for the team at Pace; it is just another day at the office.