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$3.5 Million in Car Accident Settlement

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$3.5 Million in Car Accident Settlement

Pace Law Firm lawyers Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra obtained a $3.5 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered a car accident in 2003. The accident originally caused modest soft tissue damage which then escalated to catastrophic tissue damage, resulting in devastating effects for both client and family.

The impact of the accident on the family was directly proportionate to the effect of the accident on the mother, and the settlement was awarded with this in mind.

The mother, father and one of their daughters were travelling together when the car accident happened. While at first the injuries seemed minor, within a week the mother had become catatonic, mute, and had a minimal level of functionality.

Due to the cultural background of the family, they were not open to having outsiders work within their home. This resulted in the balance of the family having to put their lives on hold, including the eldest daughter having to give up attending medical school. The enormous amount of pressure placed on the family was unbearable, and eventually the family's youngest daughter ran away and lived on the streets to escape the stress.

The team at Pace Law was able to access compensation from Accident Benefits, Tort, and through the Family Law Act. What is most noteworthy is not only the size of the settlement, but the fact that they were able to secure compensation for the economic loss of their daughters, psychiatric help for the youngest daughter, and ongoing treatment and compensation for the mother. All individuals involved in the case were extremely satisfied with the settlement outcome.

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