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$1.5 Million Accident Settlement

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$1.5 Million Accident Settlement

Albert Conforzi describes the case: My client - we'll call her Ann - sustained serious injuries in a car accident 4 years ago, with multiple fractures. The challenge in a case like Ann's is maximizing the recovery potential for the injured client, while at the same time creating risk for the insurer.

In our case, we used the accident benefits side of the auto policy to access every possible resource for Ann.

This included everything from tutors, to speech language pathologists, to cell phones, in addition to traditional therapies. As a result of having put so many resources in place, Ann was able to achieve a very good recovery. However, we still thoroughly documented the challenges she would face going forward over the rest of her life.

Our advocacy efforts on behalf of our client resulted in a $1.5 million payout for Ann earlier this week, in addition to all of the funds and resources we obtained for her over the past few years. While nothing can turn back the clock and make it as if the accident never happened, these awards will help Ann live a better life with a more secure future.

It goes to show what hard work and dedication can do for your clients.