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$2.6 Million Settlement For Car Accident Victim | Toronto Personal Injury

Pace Law Firm personal injury lawyer Allan Chapnik achieved an extraordinary result for one of our clients. The client, whom we'll call C.A., was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident caused by another driver. Unfortunately for C.A., the vehicle he was driving was uninsured. Since the law states that an uninsured motorist cannot recover damages arising from a motor vehicle accident, C.A. was faced with the prospect of receiving absolutely no compensation for his injuries.
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$650,000 Success in a Case After the Limitation Period Had Expired

Toronto personal injury lawyer Michelle Arzaga describes the case:

I recently had a client who suffered a serious personal injury in a car crash.  Let's call him Paul.  He's 44 years old now, but at the time of the accident he was 38 years old.

He was injured when a car ran a red light and struck him as he completed his left turn.  The impact of the crash caused his car to spin 180 degrees and crash into a lamp post.  Paul's car was completely demolished.

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$1.7 Million For Family Members Injured In Car Accident

Albert Conforzi describes the case:

The clients were extremely pleased with the outcome of the case, following a lengthy multi-party mediation. They felt like they now had the wherewithal to claim dignity back following their very serious car accident. I was pleased to be of assistance to them. I'm proud to say that I have an excellent team of professionals that support all of my work.

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$75,000 for Botched Pedicure

Personal injury lawyer Anu Malhotra's client was a 65-year-old woman who received a pedicure which was done improperly. The client received a cut to her foot which developed an infection with swelling. She had difficulty walking for a few months, and had to be on intravenous and oral antibiotics for about 2 weeks.

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$1.5 Million Accident Settlement

Albert Conforzi describes the case: My client - we'll call her Ann - sustained serious injuries in a car accident 4 years ago, with multiple fractures. The challenge in a case like Ann's is maximizing the recovery potential for the injured client, while at the same time creating risk for the insurer.

In our case, we used the accident benefits side of the auto policy to access every possible resource for Ann.

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Pace Law Firm Obtains $3.4 Million Settlement

Personal injury lawyers Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra obtained a $3.4 million dollar settlement for a client who was struck by a car as a pedestrian while crossing the road after nightfall.

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Pace Law Firm Obtains $1.6 Million Settlement For Young Man Who Has Life Altering Accident

Pace Law Firm lawyers Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra obtained a $1.6 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered non-catastrophic injuries as a passenger in a car accident. Most noteworthy in this case is not only the amount of the Tort award, but the premise of the claim, which centered around the altered life and career path the client endured as a result of the accident.

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$3.5 Million in Car Accident Settlement

Pace Law Firm lawyers Robert Kram and Anu Malhotra obtained a $3.5 million dollar settlement for a client who suffered a car accident in 2003. The accident originally caused modest soft tissue damage which then escalated to catastrophic tissue damage, resulting in devastating effects for both client and family.

The impact of the accident on the family was directly proportionate to the effect of the accident on the mother, and the settlement was awarded with this in mind.

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