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Product Liability and Defective Products Law

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Product Liability and Defective Products Law

Product Liability and Defective Products Lawyer

Product liability and defective product issues can arise out of almost anything:

  • faulty safety features of power tools
  • yard and garden equipment
  • choking or trauma hazards caused by failing children's toys and car seats
  • incorrectly packaged or labelled medical and chemical products

Injuries sustained from product liability claims are preventable ones. For qualified, compassionate and experienced legal help following injuries from defective products, contact the offices of Pace Law Firm.

The experienced and dedicated legal team at Pace Law Firm can answer any questions you may have regarding product liability and defective product law in Ontario. Some of the hundreds of injury cases resulting from unsafe products that we have handled include:

  • Product design defects
  • Negligent manufacturing
  • Failure to properly warn consumers of product safety risks
  • Food poisoning and negligently processed and prepared food

Pace Law Firm has been providing knowledgeable legal help following product liability injuries for over 30 years. Contact one of the five offices of Pace Law Firm by calling 1-877-236-3060

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