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News and Events

News and Events

Fatal Traffic Accidents On The Rise

Another day, another impaired driving collision that results in personal injury or death:

OPP say it was at 10 p.m. on Tuesday when the driver of a Jeep lost control in the westbound lanes at Brock Street. That caused the transport truck to rear-end the Jeep, sending it into a ditch on the right side of the highway.

The truck driver also lost control and rolled his truck. It came to stop across all 3 lanes of the 401.

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Nova Scotia Raises Distracted Driving Fine

Nova Scotia is toughening up on distracted driving, raising its fine for a first offense from $176.45 to $233.95. They have also upped the ante for subsequent offenses:

Nova Scotia is increasing the penalty for those who use their cellphones while driving in an effort to crack down on the dangerous habit. 

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Jennifer Aniston Film Examines Chronic Pain

It's good to see Hollywood taking an interest in chronic pain, an affliction that hurts the lives of millions of people:

'Cake' is delicious stuff — low key but affecting, funny while tragic, quirky but never so bizarre it loses you.

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Seeking A Cure For Chronic Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain following a car accident or other event, you are no doubt searching for answers on how this pain can be stopped. Researchers in the US may be one step closer to the answer:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the pain?”

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Will Distracted Driving Ever Carry The Stigma Of Drunk Driving?

In this article, the Ottawa Citizen asks the public to view distracted driving the same way as drunk driving:

Across Canada, the cellphone has become the new beer bottle. Instead of being incapacitated by booze, drivers are immobilized by their mobile devices.

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TTC Considers Dash Cams. Will Better Safety Result?

January 13, 2015: The TTC has been involved in a number of serious accidents in the past few months. A number of people have been injured or killed, including a cyclist who was sent to the hospital with serious injuries, as well as a 14-year-old girl who was struck and killed by a TTC bus.

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How To Use a Child Car Seat Properly

Do you know how to use a child car seat properly? According to this report, a number of parents are consistently making mistakes when it comes to car seat safety:

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Toronto Police: Pedestrians Breaking The Law Thousands Of Times Per Minute

Do you know what the pedestrian signals on Toronto streets mean? According to police, pedestrians are breaking the law - and putting their safety at risk - thousands of times per minute:

Green means go. Amber means proceed with caution if you can’t stop safely. Red means stop.

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Honda Recalls 700,000 Vehicles

An important notice from Honda has announced that they are recalling 700,000 vehicles in Canada. The company says there is a problem that could lead to malfunctioning airbags:

Honda Canada is recalling some 700,000 vehicles in Canada to replace airbag inflators implicated in five deaths and a number of injuries in the U.S. and abroad.

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Pace Law Firm Speaks Out Against Bill 15

Did You Know Your Right To Sue After An Accident Is In Jeopardy?

With Bill 15 - the Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act - having recently passed a second reading, Pace Law Firm's lawyers are reaching out to MPPs and asking them to fight for accident victims' rights.

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