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News and Events

Brain Injury Lawsuits In Canadian and US Schools

If you have been following our blog, then you know that our personal injury lawyers are paying attention to the issue of brain injury in sports. This story from CTV highlights one such case, involving a student from Manitoba who is suing a school in Quebec:

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Ontario Law: Compensation for Victims of Violent Crime

From Ontario lawyer Elaine Bright's blog: Many of us have been victims of crime. If we are victims of property crime, we usually call our insurance company, and obtain whatever compensation we are entitled to. But if we are victims of violent crime, most of us don’t know where to turn for compensation.

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Road Safety Bill: $1000 Fine For Distracted Driving

The Ontario government is planning on stiffer penalties for such offenses as distracted driving and "dooring." Dooring occurs when someone opens their car door and strikes a cyclist:

The Ontario government is targeting distracted drivers and careless motorists who “door cyclists” with maximum fines of $1,000 and three demerit points.

Transportation Minister Glen Murray introduced a sweeping road safety bill Monday dealing with pedestrians, cyclists, truckers, motorists.

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New Insurance Law: Beware the Fine Print

From Albert Conforzi's blog: While the recent bill proposing changes to the Insurance Act of Ontario are being trumpeted as anti-fraud measures, the public should take heed of what's in the fine print. According to the Canadian Press, here's what is in the bill:

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Report: Distracted Driving in 2013 Claimed More Lives Than Drunk Driving Or Speeding

The devastation caused by distracted drivers in Ontario exceeded that of drunk drivers and speeders in 2013. This report from the OPP lays out the details:

Distracted driving has surpassed speed-related and impaired driving as the leading cause of fatalities on Ontario roads, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) says.

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Exoskeleton Robots Helping Spinal Cord Injury Victims

A couple of stories here that show how technology is advancing to help those with spinal cord injuries. First, a story from South Carolina:

Tink Wallace fell from a utility poll when she was working for Santee Cooper 18 years ago and hasn't been able to walk since then.

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Can Zebra Lines Help Stop Pedestrian Accidents? | Crosswalk Safety

As it is in Toronto, the number of pedestrian accidents is on the rise in Halifax. Could "zebra lines" help keep people safe? A report from the Halifax Regional Municipality says yes:

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Distracted Driving: How Prevalent Is It?

Just how prevalent is distracted driving? If this report out of BC is any indication, the number of distracted drivers on the roads is growing at an alarming rate:

Despite plenty of warning from police, Greater Victoria drivers are persisting in using electronic devices behind the wheel.

In 90 minutes, Saanich police along a seven-kilometre stretch of Douglas Street and the Trans-Canada Highway issued 50 tickets of $167 each to drivers using cellphones and other devices.

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Can You Be Sued If Somebody Falls or Slips on Your Property? | Slip and Fall Liability

Can you get sued if someone slips on your driveway or sidewalk? Toronto personal injury lawyer Albert Conforzi answers that question here.
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Study: Football Helmets Do Little To Protect the Side of the Head

We have been keeping an eye on the issue of head and brain injury in sports for a long time. Now, a study suggests that football helmets don't do very much to protect the side of a player's head from injury:

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