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The Oscar Pistorius Murder Case

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The Oscar Pistorius Murder Case

From Albert Conforzi's blog: The Oscar Pistorius case murder investigation is grabbing headlines around the world. He stands accused of murdering his girlfriend, 29-year-old model and law graduate Reeva Steenkamp. Today, he appeared in court at a bail hearing.

Originally, the reports had Pistorius (famously known as the Blade Runner) mistaking his girlfriend for an intruder and shooting her dead. When heard like that, the story is tragically plausible. Don't think so? Consider the case of another South African athlete, former rugby player Rudi Visagie.

Some years ago, Visagie awoke in the dark hours of the morning and thought his daughter's car was being stolen. He fired a shot out his window and hit the driver. Moments later, he found his daughter dead behind the wheel. She had been on her way to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday, but hadn't told her parents the plan.

So yes, mistaken identity can happen, with lethal results.